We have planted at sites throughout Dorset and have grant aided and provided planting assistance and advice at others. The principal conditions are that we usually plant native trees and that they are accessible or visible to the public.

A guiding principal for our tree planting is for the right tree in the right place.

The level of involvement can vary. Members are welcomed to volunteer and get hands on planting experience. Planting occurs in the winter months usually at 2 or 3 sites and are a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to do creative conservation. In summer work parties maintain the planted sites and clear weeds, brambles and if necessary remove supports and protection.


Students from the Hardy School help to plant the Jubilee Wood at Poundbury (Right). For the first few years this just looked like a plantation of Tuley tubes but after 9 – 10 years trees are over 10 ft high and shrubs are flowering and producing berries and autumn colour.

Maintenance is an essential follow up to planting. On the left members have cut back brambles along an avenue at Affpuddle. On the right a work party gathers to remove Tuley tubes and stakes now that trees are well grown.

Trees For Dorset


We will also consider making grants from our own funds or help obtain grants from other organisations for tree planting in Dorset.

If your project meets the following criteria we may be able to help.

Your project site is accessible or visible to the public

Your project addresses biodiversity and conservation objectives.

You are from a non-profit organisation or community group.

You have already secured at least 50% of the total project funds.

Page: Grants

If you have a tree planting project and require support download a Tree Grant Application Form.

Planting at Milborne Woods where children from the “My Life, My Tree” project at Milborne School planted out their trees followed by members planting more trees to fill an open area within the wood.