Grant Application Form.

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Mrs R.M.Palmer, 14 Cologne Road, Bovington, Wareham, Dorset. BH20 6NR

Email contact: info@treesfordorset.co.uk

Web site: www.treesfordorset.co.uk

Please read the following notes carefully before completing this form

Successful applicants must claim payment of a grant within 1 year of being advised of grant approval. Applicants are expected to fund the project and then to claim the grant in writing accompanied by evidence of a paid account (copies of invoices).

Applications must be made in advance of planting and will not be considered if work has already been carried out.

The maximum grant available is either 50% of the Project or £500 which ever is the lesser for any one project in any one year. But long term projects will be considered.

For projects not being carried out or supervised by Trees For Dorset Trees, we may wish to inspect both before and after the trees are planted. Trees For Dorset may also request reports on the progress of the trees from the grant beneficiaries. There is no time limit on inspections and Trees For Dorset reserves the right to demand repayment of any grant where trees have been neglected or destroyed.

Trees For Dorset spends very little on advertising, promotion and marketing and we wish to ensure we raise our profile and make the most from our work through publicity around planting projects. In accepting a grant from Trees For Dorset you agree to ensure Trees For Dorset is associated with any publicity

Your project needs to meet the following criteria to qualify for a grant.

If not, we may be unable to consider your application but we suggest you contact us for advice prior to completing the application.

• Your project site is accessible to the public or at very least it can be clearly seen from a public right of way.

• Your project addresses biodiversity & conservation objectives.

• You are applying as an individual or from a non-profit organisation or community group.

• You are able to secure at least 50% of the total project funding from another source.

Please answer the questions as fully as possible; if full details are not included we may have to request clarification and this will delay the processing of the application. Please attach additional sheets as required.


Name of Applicant


Applicants address  

Member of Trees For Dorset? YES/NO

Name of organisation (if applicable)


Organisation Address  


Charity registration number (if any)


Telephone number


Mobile number


Email address


Name and address  of site owner




What is the purpose for planting trees?


What are the benefits and to whom?


Is the site fully visible from a nearby road or public access? YES/NO


Is the site assessable to the public? YES/NO

Is the project part of a longer term scheme? If so, please give details of the overall scheme?




When will the project start?


When is the project due to finish?


Location of proposed planting/Site address (including Post code and grid ref.)


Approx Area (square metres, acres or hectares)


Please state whether you own, lease, or have an agreement over the planting site    

Has the project been agreed with the land owner, if yes please provide details? YES/NO

Please provide a scaled plan/sketch of the site.


Please provide details of species, numbers and size of trees to be planted if known. If you are unsure what would be the best for the location, you may request a site visit before deciding on species but please provide some indication would be useful at this stage.


General nature of site and surrounding area. (e.g. playing fields, hill top, near woodland, flat, steep slope etc  

Are there links with other trees in the area, will the planting expand an existing woodland or landscape feature?


Do you need help in planting? We have a enthusiastic team of experienced volunteers. YES/NO

Will you remove competing weeds? YES/NO

Will the site be pre-treated e.g. with herbicide? YES/NO

Are the trees likely to be vulnerable to grazing by farm stock, deer, rabbits, squirrels, or other wildlife? Please provide details.


How will trees be protected against the above? (e.g. tree guards, tubes, fencing)


How will the trees be cared for over the 5 years following planting? Will they be watered in the first 2 years in dry spells in the summer?


If you receive a grant, will you ensure the long term existence of the trees or woodland? YES/NO

If the trees have to be removed, will you inform us so that we can either recover the trees or a percentage of the grant? YES/NO


What publicity is planned and how will it benefit Trees For Dorset


Project Costs and Funding

How much will the total project cost?



What is the amount requested from Trees For Dorset?


What other funds have you raised and from where?


What other grants have you applied for?



How have you worked out your costs, please provide a detailed breakdown?




I……................................................................... (Full Name BLOCK CAPITALS)

on behalf of……………………………………………………….. declare that to the best of my knowledge the information I have provided in this application is complete and correct.

Signature: …............................................ Date...............


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