Trees for Dorset was founded as an independent charity in 2009, taking over the ethos, responsibilities and projects of the Dorset Branch of the International Tree Foundation when its parent charity decided to close its branches. Trees for Dorset has taken on the maintenance of sites where Dorset ITF planted trees as well as continuing to plant trees at new sites and has started its own planting grant scheme.

Trees for Dorset has also developed and funded the Schools project to a greater level than before and obtained grant aid to expand this.

The ethos and objectives of Trees for Dorset remain those laid down by Richard St. Barbe Baker when he founded “The Men of the Trees” in 1934.  His aim was to promote, protect and plant trees whenever and wherever a need or opportunity arose. Many organisations have developed from his original organisation contributing to tree planting in Britain and around the world.

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A local charity dedicated to all aspects of trees.

 Registered Charity No: 1139780

Registered as Dorset Men of the Trees

Trees for Dorset is our working name

The Charity's objects are:

 To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment, in particular by:

1.  planting and caring for trees and encouraging the planting and caring for trees in the UK

2  fostering an appreciation of trees and the amenity and ecological value of tree cover.

3  to advance education for the public benefit in trees and their habitats

 or to put it more simply: Plant, Protect and Promote Trees   

Membership is open to everyone who loves trees. We hope that new members will participate in our programme although not everyone is expected to dig holes and plant trees! Just by being a member you help support us.

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This website is still under development - please let us know of any improvements you might find useful such as more or clearer information, via email.

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